Eco Spray


Fully self contained compact airbrush system. Ideal for home use, spa and makeup artists. Gives 30 to 35 mins constant pulverisation. No wires or motor and very light! Ideal for spray tans, airbrush makeup finishing spray.  With eco Spray service costs are less than those of an aerosol. Ecospray replaces all by itself every aerosol and or small spray gun you’ll ever need. It’s technical characteristics and simplicity make it triply economical.

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Eco Spray is a small, lightweight fully self contained airbrush micro sprayer. No wires or electric required.
Gives an even distribution of particles to give a perfect airbrush finish. Ideal for the application of self tanning products, setting spray for make-up, toners or any liquid product.
Eco spray is also used by professional therapists and make-up artists.