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Clinical Grade Products

By combining Ultrasonic Technology on the cryoderm system with our exclusive range of Aesthetic mesotherapy clinical grade products, clients can experience a range of totally non invasive, no needle mesotherapy treatments. Ultrasound acts as a delivery mechanism for the active ingredients, pushing product through the dermal layers of the skin without the use of a needle. In turn it will temporarily allow the cell membranes to become permeable allowing the cell to absorb the vital nutrients contained within each active ingredient. This technology allows the beautician/aesthetician to perform a Transdermal infusion of products designed and formulated to create a no needle version of Mesotherapy. . The treatment consists of 4 stages the first been exfoliation, either DIAMOND TIP ABRASION or a peel. This prepares the skin. The second stage is THERMOTHERAPY where a warm disc application treatment is firstly used to open surface skin pores. It improves blood circulation and accelerates the absorption process of vital nutrients contained within the Aesthetic Mesotherapy products used during the treatment procedure.

3rd Stage: Ultrasound

This uses ultrasonic vibrations that vibrate at 300 million times per second. The ultrasound waveform stimulates the skin tissue and improves permeability of cell membrane which also improves and increases collagen production. This treatment also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ultrasound also generates frictional heat that will improve blood circulation, relax muscles and break down fatty deposits. Ultrasound is a very effective treatment when using various active ingredients as it will help the infusion of the product deep into the dermal layers of the skin much deeper than most standard galvanic treatments.

4th Stage: Cryotherapy

This cold attachment is applied onto the skins surface closing skin pores and sealing the products within the areas treated. More importantly cryotherapy treatment slows down the metabolism of the skin allowing the products to be contained for a much longer period of time ensuring the client is receiving the full benefits of the products and maximum results.


*Please note results may vary from person to person.

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